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ANSYS Discovery 2024 R1 New Features

3D Design Top 3 Release Features

Effortless Precision

• Local fidelity refinement in Explore stage allows users to precisely focus simulations on specific regions of interest. Accuracy strengthened up to 10X, continually proving you can have BOTH speed and accuracy with Ansys Discovery.

Smart Model Prep

New automated weld creation workflow imports your critical information from CAD tools, reducing weld setup time by 50X. An enhanced digital thread between Discovery and Ansys Mechanical through Smart Associative updates allows seamless, side by side workflows from concept to validation, bridging the gap between designers and analysts.

Accelerating Design Exploration

New optiSLang Add-in creates a seamless link between Discovery projects and optiSlang, streamlining the process of getting insights from your Discovery models. Massively accelerate design space exploration and innovation through cloud connected burst compute*. Run 1000 simulations in 10 minutes directly from the Discovery interface to quickly identify the most promising design variations without tying up your local machine.

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